On juggling

There are several people I know, myself included, who are in the middle of juggling several balls at once. The unicyles haven’t been brought out yet but they soon will, to be sent out backwards along the high wire. Even E is juggling – homework and chores and violin practice and baking cupcakes for her dad.  So much for Sunday, the so-called day of rest.

I was particularly happy to hear from S, who is far away from the juggling and is enjoying her stay at Findhorn. And Anhrefn too, back from a week in the countryside. Little pockets of calm at the edges of all this buzz.

But aside from the buzzing and the pockets of calm, there are also a few people I know who are juggling bigger hurts and worries these past few days (and golly, if the shouting’s anything to go by I would have to include the couple who are slugging it out in a domestic row out on the street just now.) Yes, I have a few in mind but in particular I’ve been thinking of N, who is carrying a lot in her load just now. So I’m posting this in the hope she takes a look: