Time again

Time has been doing its thing again, coasting along on its warped curve, resting in brief pockets of monotony. It whirls past in a blizzard of minutes and settles into clumps of memories that either harden into shapes or melt away. Was it really so long ago I last visited my clay pit?

I’ve been busy, that’s all, and my attention directed elsewhere – on various stitching projects, mainly. First I finished another Strawberry Thief in needlepoint, partner to the one I worked on last summer. Here they are together:

strawberry thief 2    strawberry thief

I’ve also been practising my beginner’s embroidery. Here are the details from a set of table linen for my mum:

winter  spring  summer  autumn

snowflake  puddle  sun  leaves

as well as some wee baby gifts for friends:

watermelon detail  socks

And I’ve been away on my summer holiday, visiting family and friends in the American midwest – from big city Chicago to college towns East Lansing and Madison to small town Brighton and suburban Glenview, a full itinerary packed tightly into a mere fortnight. Although I didn’t finish it in time for the party, I spent a fair few hours during the trip working on a birthday gift for my brother. When it is completed I will post a photo; until then, here are a couple details:

groucho  snoopy

So the trip’s milestone on the calendar has been crossed, and the dust kicked up on the journey is beginning to settle. I find myself turning to my internal suitcase, preparing to open it and do some unpacking. I’ve enjoyed a pleasant interruption; now, where was I?

3 thoughts on “Time again

  1. Thank you my dearest D – I’m enjoying this stitching game immensely, and it’s all down to you. I’m sorry it took me so long to catch on! And yes, we did good this year, didn’t we?! 🙂 xxx

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