Fast forward 8 months

…and here I am again, by my hearth. It doesn’t seem such a long time I’ve been away from this blog, so much has been going on these days and so much of it has been fun.

My friend and colleague Nina and I have left our jobs at the organisation where we worked together, in order to start a social enterprise dedicated to learning. It’s called Personal Wealth and we’re –

“Learning to make money?”

No, no, on the contrary, it’s about the social economy –

“The what? Won’t people thinks it’s about…?”

Well they may think that at first, but then –

“Is it a financial organisation?”

Not at all. It’s a form of social enterprise called a community interest company, and –

“I don’t understand.”

Well, it’s all in the name:

personal: because our work is person-centred, as all human endeavours arise through individual connections and people’s relationships with and respect for one another;

wealth: because we work from the belief that every person has worth; every person contains inner riches and may contribute to the common good.

“Ah, ok. Gotcha. Good luck with that.”

Thanks. You can see what we’re up to by –

“What exactly do you do?”

We work with individuals and organisations to help them unblock the things that get in the way of people fulfilling their potential. That’s a learning process.

“So you teach them?”

No, we work and learn together, we all bring something to the learning process.

“So what exactly do you do?”

We have an assessment service and we run courses which are based on real-life learning and development needs. We adapt our programme to the needs that exist.

“Sounds messy.”

Perhaps – but life is messy and learning is creative. We don’t think of it as a problem.

“That’s good.”

It is. And we’re really excited about it. Right now we’re still developing and building our business, which will begin in earnest following our launch event on Friday 13th –

“Are you joking?!”

Not at all. Our launch event, Good Fortune, takes place on Friday 13th June, but our website has just gone live so until then you can still find out more about us at